The subwoofer(s) below are For Sale. Everything about them is custom. ...including the high excursion XBL^2 drivers!!. More info HERE


Here is my newer "while I'm at college college system."  The room is now completely for HT/music...and my computer. The 1503 sub way below was sold some time ago. 

            Component Break Down:



Here is a bad snap shot of one of the EGO's.  Note how the speaker is properly aligned on the base of the stand =) ...about to fix that.

The EGO's use a Hiquphon OWII and a Focal 5W4252 in a small sealed cab.  While I have only listened for a relatively short time, I can say that these speakers far out performed my expectations!  Think of all those nice comments people have about speakers (awesome midrange, pin point imaging etc) and then you will be describing these babies.  Plans were $60...and are worth every penny!


this is just another view of  the EGO.  This is actually my left surround.   Yes, you heard right.   I even used these as surrounds.   I eventually plan on an SACD (or equivalent) at some point, so I thought it would be a nice investment.  


  Here is a close up of the ID...which needs a little dusting.  It still needs a sock, but that can wait.   ...and no, the EGO is not touching the is just a strange deceiving image.

With the new K2 that I got, the output is very impressive!  I am definately glad I went this route over a ported water heater.  Not quite the same output levels, but there is more output than most people need!  ...and I get the clean, tight sound of a sealed subwoofer in a relatively small
Now all I need to do is properly EQ it!

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